Personal, Work, and Class Projects

Personal Portfolio Website

You are currently viewing my portfolio website. I maintain and run this website on a VPS running Ubuntu Server 18.04. I built my portfolio website using the Python Web Flask Framework and for styling, I used the Pure CSS Framework. My website was first built using Twitter Bootstrap for much of the styling. However, I found the Pure CSS Framework with the inclusion of custom CSS rules to be much lighter weight, while still fitting my needs.
I also used axios, a promise based HTTP client for the browser, to help pull definitions from Duck Duck Go’s API. It’s used for providing definitions of the skills in the skill section of the homepage.

Below is a list of some features, performance enhancements, and security features I implemented. Please note, due to security risks, I have not listed everything.

Gamified Digital Forensics Project Website This website project was built for a forensics project managed by Graduate Professor Yin Pan. The website uses Twitter Bootstrap, php, and is hosted on an RIT server.

Projects from Classes

Javascript Project for Client Programing Dynamically builds elements only using Javascript. This project is compatible with versions of Internet Explorer 5 and newer.

JQuery Project for Client Programing is a version of the IST's Department's website built using JQuery. The content for this project is populated using Ajax calls to pull the data from the IST's Departments API. Note that this project was not designed to be lightweight as it was a requirement to use multiple plugins even if unnecessary.

Some software and tools I've used on these projects

Visual Studio Code, GitKraken, Sourcetree, Vim, Sublime Text Editor, Atom Text editor, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom