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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a visionary who developed hundreds of advanced technologies that ranged from the radio to powerful weapons, such as the death ray. He is especially well known for his invention and development of the wireless transmission of electricity. He believed that electricity could be freely distributed through wireless power transmitters throughout the world, such as the Wardenclyffe tower electrically charging ionosphere. Tesla was feared by governments for his ideas and was not appreciated for his creative and innovative ideas until after his death.

static/img/242x200_place.svg Wardenclyffe Tower: 187 foot tower Tesla built in Shoreham, Long island, New York. Tesla designed the tower to be the "World Wireless" Broadcasting system, or a device to wirelessly distribute electricity on a global scale. The Wardenclyffe tower was funded by J.P Morgan, and when he learned that the tower was designed to distribute electricity for free, he cut all funding. The Tesla tower was then dynamited and destroyed in 1917.